Multibranch pipeline Support for Azure Repos

Hi Team,
Referring to this old question : Multi-branch pipeline with Azure repo. I see there is no source plugin for Azure repos to be used with Multibranch pipeline. Can we use Git source plugin to connect with Azure repo and run pipelines. I’m getting authentication failure when I use MB pipeline and it works fine when I use normal pipeline.

Can you please let me know if Azure repos are supported

I’m not aware of any issue with repositories provided by Azure DevOps and multibranch Pipelines with the git plugin. I have several multibranch Pipelines that use the git plugin as their branch source, including one that uses Azure DevOps.

Multibranch Pipelines with the git plugin are missing features that are available in more specific multibranch Pipelines like the GitHub branch source, Bitbucket branch source, GilLab branch source, Tuleap branch source, and the Gitea plugin. Since no one has created an Azure DevOps branch source, the git plugin is the best choice available to you.

thanks @MarkEWaite for your confirmation. This clears the doubt we had about Azure repos not being supported. It may be something at network level. We will try to find out. Thanks for taking time to answer the question