Moment.js is is a Legacy Project, are there plans to update it

Moment.js is a legacy project now and was flagged by our security team. Are there plans to migrate it, upgrade it or remove it?
It is a dependency for Pipeline: Stage View

Also how do I contact the maintainers of the plugin directly?

Didn’t I answer this specific question elsewhere?

Each plugin has a report an issue on the sidebar.

Oh I did reply.

And Jesse replied

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From the moment.js page:

We now generally consider Moment to be a legacy project in maintenance mode. It is not dead, but it is indeed done.


However, since we understand that Moment is well established in millions of existing projects:

We will address critical security concerns as they arise.
We will release data updates for Moment-Timezone following IANA time zone database releases.

So it is still supported for applications using it, it just will not get new features or major rewrites. So I see no need to rush for a replacement here.

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