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I want to save the changes in configure cloud (Manage Jenkins → Manage Nodes and Clouds → Configure Clouds → Add a new cloud → Kubernetes) permanently, but unfortunately after restart Jenkins/pod changes are reset to default. I wanted to set the kubernetes cluster details, Jenkins URL, port and pod template details in Configure cloud settings. Please suggest how to achieve this to make changes permanently without losing after Jenkins/pod restart.

How do you start your instance? Are you by any chance using JCasc, in which case it’s expected that any change you make to the UI is lost at restart.

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Its managed by Kubernetes not IaC, yes I did some changes in the UI under configure cloud (manage jenkins>manage nodes&clouds>configure cloud) with my docker image and kubernetes cluster details and pod templates. But unfortunately those chages were set to default when I restart Jenkins on UI or pod restart also. My requirement is the manual changes which are done in configure cloud should persistent permanantly.

Its managed by Kubernetes not IaC

I’m not sure I understand this statement. Did you read the link I sent about JCasc? Can you give more details about your setup?

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I’ll throw out that helm uses JCasc

and the “defaultConfig” for jcasc in helm creates a kubernetes cloud thingie

I’m assuming you are using helm because it sounds like this scenario, and lots of people install jenkins on k8s via helm

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Yes Halkeye, I am deployed Jenkins on K8s cluster using Helm. My only concern is whenever I have restarted Jenkins/pod whatever the cloud configurations(manage jenkins>manage node &cloud) which I update manually in the UI gets reset to default. We want this changes permanent so that our pipelines don’t get failed. Thanks.!!

As explained by @halkeye and myself, this is the expected behaviour when using Jcasc. You’ll have to update your Jcasc configuration since changes in the UI won’t be persisted.

If you don’t know which properties to modify in your JCasc config:

  • perform the change in the UI
  • export the configuration as explained in this document
  • by diffing the export and your current configuration you should find what to change
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Thank you.! I will update Jcasc config.