Licensing Inquiry: Jenkins Artwork in Apache NetBeans Contribution

Greetings Jenkins Community,

I’m reaching out to seek clarity on the licensing of the “logo.png” artwork which I would like to use in the recent Apache NetBeans Open Source contribution. The previous image of Hudson was part of a donation from Oracle and which was later relicensed. However, the new artwork lacks clear licensing information, raising concerns about redistributability. Your insights on the Jenkins artwork license are crucial for compliance and further collaboration.

Interest and Relevance:

  • Developers and Contributors: Those involved in the Apache NetBeans project, especially those contributing to the recent renaming of Hudson to Jenkins.
  • Jenkins Community Members: Individuals familiar with Jenkins and its branding, as well as those interested in ensuring proper licensing practices.

Why It Matters:

  • Legal Compliance: Ensuring that the Jenkins artwork used in the contribution aligns with licensing requirements to avoid potential legal issues.
  • Open Source Collaboration: Facilitating a transparent and compliant open-source contribution process in the Apache NetBeans repository.

Desired Responses:

  • Insights on Artwork License: Any information or clarification on the licensing of the Jenkins artwork.
  • Community Input: Suggestions and thoughts from the Jenkins community regarding artwork licensing and best practices.

Thank you for your time and assistance. Looking forward to valuable contributions from the community.

-Ashwin Temkar

Greetings @rothardo,

The artwork page says:

These images are also available in various sizes and SVG formats online, or as a zip file. These are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Under the terms of this license, you must include an attribution to the Jenkins project, with a link (, if you display these logos or derivates thereof.

Is that sufficient for your needs?

Hi @MarkEWaite ,

Thank you for your prompt response!

The information provided from the artwork page is indeed helpful and clarifies the licensing terms for the Jenkins artwork, especially regarding the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Your guidance on including attribution to the Jenkins project is noted.

If I have any further questions or if additional information is needed during the integration process, I’ll be sure to reach out. Your assistance is much appreciated.

Thank you.