LFX Security Dashboard access to v2

Hi Everybody,

With the goal to improve the security of the Jenkins and Jenkins infrastructure project, we are currently working with the Linux Foundation to use a tool named “LFX security”.
Version 2 of that tool should be ready by Mid-Late September and I am currently collecting Linux Foundation accounts of people who want to be involved in that project.

As a first interation, the tool analyze the following git repositories:

  • jenkins-infra/ircbot
  • jenkins-infra/account-app
  • jenkins-infra/plugin-site-api
  • jenkins-infra/plugin-site
  • jenkins-infra/jenkins-version
  • jenkins-infra/docker-jenkins-lts

As a first iteration, we only analyze a subset of our public git repositories that contains no critical information. If you are interested to participate, feel free to add your Linux Foundation account to this discussion.