Governance Meeting - Jan 26, 2022


  • News
  • Linux platform support policy - Mark Waite
    • See mailing list discussion and draft pull request
    • Would be great to have something documented
      • Linux is more complicated because there are many
        • Installers - deb, rpm, war
        • Architectures - amd64, aarch64, ppc64le
      • Gavin concerned that the word “support” may be misunderstood
      • Windows support page is explicit
        • No SLA
      • Copy one of the disclaimers
        • Keep the phrasing consistent
  • Dropping support for Internet Explorer 11 - Mark Waite
    • See mailing list discussion and pull request
    • Latest version of Jenkins not conducive to IE 11 users
    • Be clear what we test or how to see what we test
    • Core support is not a mandate for plugins
    • Can be more aggressive, but not a practical change of behavior
      • Drop it, announce the drop
    • In the changelog but no blog post needed
      • Entry in the upgrade guide for that LTS release
  • EasyCLA status report - Oleg Nenashev
    • Met with LFX team to review rollout approach for Jenkins
    • Concerned that we aren’t ready to rollout to 3000 repositories all at once
    • We have EasyCLA deployed to the infra-cla repository
      • Needs a documentation update
    • Need an update to jenkins-infra
      • Made the request to the .github repository, granted
      • A “test drive” in that repository
    • CLA not enforced on repositories and branches today
      • Previous behavior continues
    • If we want to enable EasyCLA, enable as a GitHub App
      • Single CLA that can be individually enabled for specific repos
    • EasyCLA covers the entire CDF organization
    • We have it installed on jenkinsci and jenkins-infra organizations
    • As desired, we enable it on one repo at a time
    • Not importing the old CLA’s
    • Individuals would need to submit a CLA or
      • company could submit a company CLA
  • LFX Insights currently disabled for Jenkins project
    • Submit a ticket to Linux Foundation if we want to enable it
    • GitHub contributions, social media, etc. aggregated to show project health
    • Metrics and analytics
    • Oleg is enabling it for Keptn, willing to help enable it for Jenkins if desired
  • Highlights from the mailing lists and community forum
    • LTS baseline selected - 2.332
    • 2.319.3 release candidate ready to test
    • Meeting minutes are well received on community site
    • Contributor summit discussion started a week ago about cdCon
      • Should we do it?
      • Oleg would prefer to have two separate events rather than a hybrid event
      • Oleg not sure if he’ll be able to attend cdCon
      • Mark plans to attend cdCon in Austin
    • Kubecon in Valencia
      • There is a bar named “Jenkin’s”, could meet there if people attending
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Thanks Mark!


It was a very important discussion. We had to make sure the possession was put in properly too. Its not Jenkins, its Jenkin’s