LDAP user role based authentication

How to setup role based authentication for LDAP users in jenkins ?

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Setting up role-based authentication for LDAP users in Jenkins involves several steps. Role-based authentication allows you to control access to Jenkins resources based on user roles or groups.

Step 1: Install the Required Plugins Ensure that you have the following plugins installed in your Jenkins instance:

You can install these plugins through the Jenkins Plugin Manager.

Step 2: Configure LDAP Authentication

  1. Go to “Manage Jenkins” > “Security.”
  2. Under “Security Realm,” select “LDAP” from the dropdown.
  3. Configure your LDAP server settings, such as LDAP server URL, manager DN, and password. Test the connection (by clicking on the “Test LDAP settings” button) to ensure it’s working.
  4. Set the “Group membership” attribute in the “Advanced Server Configuration”. This attribute is used to determine which groups a user belongs to. Typically, it’s something like “memberOf” for Active Directory.
  5. Configure other LDAP settings as per your LDAP server setup.
  6. Save your LDAP configuration.

Step 3: Configure Role-Based Authorization

  1. Still in the “Security” page, under “Authorization,” select “Role-Based Strategy.”

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