Using LDAPS with Jenkins?

My organization currently has a Jenkins instance stood up on our servers using ldap for authentication. Due to some new policy though we are required to start using ldaps(ldap over ssl) with Jenkins. As far as anyone can tell though there is no documentation or clear way to enable ldaps with the existing ldap plugin for Jenkins, does the plugin support ldaps?

Its been a while since I used it but pretty sure it’s possible. Have you looked at the configuration page? Specifically the ? Icon next to the server text box?

You should be able to swap LDAP:// with ldaps://

And where would I place the cert files for ldaps to not give an error?

That I don’t know. Probably add it to the java keystore?

Putting an SSL Certificate in a Java KeyStore | LAS Information Technology maybe?

That just tells me how to create the .jks file, I still don’t know where to put it so Jenkins finds the file

Here: Initial Settings

This is about enabling HTTPS on the Jenkins instance, but if you put your custom trusted CA certificates there (as trusted entries) it should work for LDAP and other purposes, too.

Probably you might need to enable HTTPS anyway if the want you to connect to other services via HTTPS.