Junit test results with description and properties not showing

I am running some tests which create an xml file in junit format that contains properties but these properties don’t show up in the test result screens. I created a simple job that uses the junit xml samples found here in order4 to reproduce the problem. Please find attached the captured screen for the test result screen and as you can see none of the properties of testcase 8 appear. Could you please let me know what is wrong in my configuration so that properties will be displayed properly?

My configuration of the job is as follows:
Source Code Management/Git/Repository URL: GitHub - testmoapp/junitxml: JUnit XML file format & JUnit XML examples. Including format specification, description & conventions.
Branch Specifier : */main
Post-build Actions/Publish JUnit test result report: examples/junit-complete.xml
Retain long standard output/error: is checked
If unchecked, then issues will be published to SCM provider platforms: is checked

It is not yet supported, see Add support and access to junit properties by thomas-dee · Pull Request #129 · jenkinsci/junit-plugin · GitHub