Jump to Console View after Build started?


I am using version 2.414.2

I have some processes that all work fine for months now.

We primarily use the web interface for everything. Which for us is fine.

The only request I get from all my co-workers, is that they would love for it to jump to the Console output view for the build process that they just started.

I tried searching around for this, but I didn’t seem to stumble across anything to auto do this.

Any ideas on this? Hoping simple setting somewhere or a plugin to drop in to solve the problem.

If I could get this solved, then this would checkbox my very last item for anything Jenkins related that people i work with wanted addressed…

I don’t think that this is possible in the moment. Jenkins core just starts the build without a redirection, and I am not aware of a plugin that does such a thing. But it shouldn’t be hard to implement. Did you check if such an issue is already tracked in Jira?

I searched over @ https://issues.jenkins.io/ but didn’t seem to find anything that fit the bill.

That is not possible technically I would say. The new run is sent to the queue and needs to be picked up from there.
How long a run stays in the queue depends on job type and if concurrent builds are allowed and available resources. Assume you have a pipeline that doesn’t allow concurrent execution and it is already running. So when you trigger it once more it will not start but wait in the queue until the previous run is finished.
A pipeline that allows concurrent execution will be started within < 1 sec usually, but not instantly so you can’t jump to it directly after starting.

For us… only 1 build / job is allowed at a time. So no concurrent jobs.

For my sake, it looks like I just need a method to jump user to this URL


as when I goto this URL ( obviously with right domain/job ) … I am right to the live console output as things are processing and going…

Which for us, would work… since only 1 job at a time type deal.

We have a bit of an overly complex rube goldberg type process going which I have zero control over the matter… Which being able to see the console live is part of this mess… 10+ years of the process now and its not gonna change sadly any time soon. Only thing I was able to do months ago was replace in house program I wrote 10+ years ago, to replicate it all in Jenkins.

Reflecting on my own process and workflow, I had had that question in my mind, but asked myself “What are you trying to accomplish” “What is the GOAL being achieved”?

At least for me I wanted to see the Console because I wanted to know when Job 1 was done, to see Job 2 start… Or find the status of the Job upon completion, and if status=NOTGreen then parse code. If those are your reasons, I use a Browser plugin. Took some configuration but I monitor 2 Separate Jenkins boxes, with a list of jobs on both. I get a count of Failed builds, if appropriate. and I can Jump right in to the needed Jobs Console to triage. Added perk, I allowed “toaster” style notifications to run when every job of interest completed.

Jenkins Helper runs in Firefox, think there is a Chrome extension too.