Job being a link to another job

So, for reasons, I’ve got this setup:

What I would like is to have the equivalent of:
explanation: in folder of teamA, they should be able to view shared_jobs/jobA. That could be either a html link, or a job that is actually just a view of the real one.

Is there a plugin or a way to achieve that ?

Note: I cannot use views because we use casc. teamA can create new jobs in their folders, but views are maintained via casc => they would have to ask another team whenever they add a new job.
you might want to say “just use a view with a regular expression”, but most of our jobs are multi branch pipelines, and that just gives an ugly result in views…

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You might install the markdown formatter plugin in your Jenkins controller and the embeddable build status plugin to place a link to the other job in the description of the referencing job or folder.

I have a folder like this that uses embeddable build status links in the page to show the status of key jobs in a much larger folder of jobs

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Thanks @MarkEWaite !!
I’ll give it a go :wink: (it’s not “exactly” what I want, but sounds like a good enough workaround; since what I want probably does not exist)

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Alright, went another way:
Created a new jenkins pipeline that calls the target jenkins job…
it’s a bit ugly, but if it works, it works !

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Thanks a lot for your feedback.