Jenkins upgrade from 2.414.2 to higher version throwing error

Jenkins version 2.414.2 on Windows server 2019 data centre
 java : 17.0.7

Jenkins setup: we have old Jenkins setup we have upgraded jenkins couple of times. Now when we try to upgrade Jenkins from 2.414.2 to any of the higher version. after upgrade it gives error
A problem occurred while processing the request
Logging ID=fa7f97e5-f264-47e7-a7aa-2ec4a05501c9
Feb 23, 2024 9:39:03 AM WARNING org.eclipse.jetty.server.handler.ContextHandler$Context log
Error while serving https://awnjpedwsched02:8080/manage/configSubmit
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The frontend sent an unexpected list of

This happens when you have an old plugin. You should update your plugins

Hi Markus,

Please let me know how to identify old plugins.

Thank you

go to plugin manager and apply all plugin updates.
If that doesn’t help look for plugins that haven’t been release since several years. For this you will need to check every plugin manually

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Thank you Markus. After updating Plugins able to upgrade jenkins.

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