Jenkins should show whether the job is successful so far in the job summary

We run testsuites using Jenkins.
One can see in the log that there are that many failures, or that there are no failures.
But Jenkins only says “In Progress > Console Log” in the tooltip.

Jenkins should be able to show the status of the job so far, both in the icon’s color and with the tooltip text.

The tooltip should say “In Progress (no failures so far at ~25% of the run) > Console Log”.

The color of the icon is currently based on the last run’s status. It should also reflect the current run’s status. The icon could be more complex, multi-colored perhaps, reflecting both the last run, and the current run’s status.

When I am watching the job, I want to easily see what the status is: are there any failures so far?

Currently I have to click to get to the Console Log and then I have to find the words “ERROR”, “FAILURE” in the browser, which is way more complicated than it could/should be.

Jenkins 2.440.3

You might want to open a Jira ticket for this proposal.

Note that the job status is not based on log output, but changes with the status of steps in the pipeline, so when you’re running your test suite and it prints errors but the suite isn’t finished (assuming that the test suite is called by a single pipeline step), then Jenkins can only update the job status once the step finished.

I don’t think that the icon should be more complex. That will probably lead to more confusion about the current state of the job.

It does not directly address your request to show status in the icon, but the JUnit Realtime Test Reporter plugin might provide some of the status information you are seeking, without requiring changes to Jenkins core.