How to find the status of a job that is in progress from the log files?

I am able to find the jobs that are of success, failure and aborted status via the logs, typically the logs for such jobs are like

{ [-]
   build_number: 1576
   build_url: job/bts/gjhgj/1576/
   event_tag: job_event
   job_duration: 3.615
   job_name: bts/wads/Jehjg/CleanOrphanedWorkspaces
   job_result: FAILURE
   job_started_at: 2022-09-07T05:00:00Z
   job_type: Freestyle project
   label: java 
   node: sahjksteng-001
   queue_id: 228625
   queue_time: 0.346
   test_summary: { [+]
   trigger_by: Started by timer
   type: completed
   user: (timer)

and we can see the job_result value to get the status but for jobs that are in progress how do the logs look like? Asking cause I wanna create a table for jobs in progress via splunk but need to understand the logs clearly for that.

I don’t think that you need to read the logs in order to get the current status of a job.

The REST API (link in the bottom right corner of the job web page) provides the result value after the job is complete. While the job is running, there isn’t a result value. I suspect that there are other fields available from the REST API that will tell you if the job is queued but not yet running or if it is running.

can you please tell what other fields can tell if a job is queued or not? and also is there some kind of documentation where I can understand about all the fields present in jenkins logs