Jenkins Service gets stuck in active (exited) state after upgrading from jenkins version 2.361.4 to 2.375.2

When I try to upgrade the jenkins application version from 2.361.4 to 2.375.2 it gets stuck in the active (exited) state .
Note that there is no space issue,no java version incompatibility (version 11) and journalctl command gives no errors or warning-just the shut down and startup sequence.
Jenkins paths- /var/lib/jenkins , /var/log/jenkins , /var/cache , /usr/lib/jenkins all have the necessary jenkins:jenkins user permissions.
There are no logs related to jenkins upgrade and jenkins service on the paths- /var/log/messages , /var/log/jenkins/jenkins.log or the journalctl logs through the command.
I am using systemd to handle/manage the jenkins service.The question here is how do I debug this as there are no logs available.
What is the proper procedure to upgrade jenkins application version from 2.361.4 to 2.375.2.

When you say you’re using systemd to handle the Jenkins service, does it also mean you’re using the package manager to update Jenkins?
What is your operating system?
What is your JVM? Temurin, Oracle, something else?