Jenkins process spawning large number of gparallelworker.exe processes


I have two nodes running on “Windows 10 Pro for Workstations” which both had a large number (17) of ‘GParallelWorker.exe’ processes that are owned by the Jenkins service. Although no pipelines are currently running on the nodes these processes are each using 3% of the CPU totalling up to over 50% of the CPU usage when idle

Is this a known issue and if its possible to stop this from happening?

I’ve restarted both nodes and so far these processes haven’t returned however, I’d quite like to know if what the cause of this might have been and if I can stop it in the future as it caused a few performance issues with our pipeline when they did run

I did try an get more info on what each process was but Windows wouldn’t load any info on them sadly…! :slight_smile:

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I don’t remember seeing any GParallelWorker processes, and does not show that name being referenced anywhere in the jenkinsci organisation.

There have been intrusions into Jenkins instances to run cryptocurrency miners. I hope yours are secure.