Jenkins pod templates issues

Hi , I deployed Jenkins using helm chart, but when i am using the pod templates i am having issues .
Can someone help me pls .

Pod template definition in the Jenkins values.yaml file

controller.JCasC.defaultConfig: true

python: |
- name: python
label: jenkins-python
serviceAccount: jenkins
- name: python
image: python:3
command: “/bin/sh -c”
args: “cat”
ttyEnabled: true
privileged: true
resourceRequestCpu: “400m”
resourceRequestMemory: “512Mi”
resourceLimitCpu: “1”
resourceLimitMemory: “1024Mi”

I created a pipeline in Jenkins with below code :
echo “test”

When i am executing the pipeline , I am getting below error .
Still waiting to schedule task
‘Jenkins’ doesn’t have label ‘jenkins-python’

If i use a pod template with in the pipeline code , its working , but when i define it in vaules.yaml getting above error .

Probably something wrong in your casc configuration file, the lack of indentation is highly suspicious to be honest. Create the pod template from the UI, then export the Casc configuration, it should give you a properly formatted file.