Jenkins Job Stuck asking for built-in node label

Jenkins setup:Hi Team, i have upgraded jenkins to LTS 2.426.3 .My jenkins setup is done using kubernetes helm.

My jenkins job is getting Stucked & asking for built-in node. the built-in node requires to have label “built-in” .Post Adding the label manually , job executes. I want to permanently add label for the built-in node, is it possible? We perform jenkins config changes every week & restart jenkins .

Do you have by chance not yet migrated from master to built-in? You might have an admin monitor active that asks for the migration.
If you haven’t migrated you should see in the config.xml <nodeRenameMigrationNeeded>true</nodeRenameMigrationNeeded>

After the migration the Built-In Node automatically has the label built-in without the need to explicitly set it in the config.

But if you have a job that wants to run on built-in it means it will run on the controller. Is this your intention as building on the controller is not recommended.

The Admin monitor had asked me for migration, but i skipped it. But i need it as of now . Do u have any idea how i can get it back.

Mostly my seed jobs run on built node

        freeStyleJob('/path/PreprodJobs') {

Also I can see in config.xml Node migration thing


go to /manage/configure and look for Administrative monitors configuration
There you will find a button that when clicking will should you all admin monitors. Make sure the one for Built-In Node Name and Label Migration is checked and save the configuration.