Jenkins is the Way ebook #3: Needs review/approval

Hi All,

Jenkins is the Way ebook #3 is now available for your review. We’ve chosen top Jenkins user stories to compile these ebooks.

Ebook #1 focused on cross industries.

Ebook #2 focused on IT.

Ebook #3 focuses on Fortune 500 companies.

These logos were approved for usage when we wrote these stories but we will ask for approval once again prior to publishing this on, etc.

Pls give it a read and +1 or -1 for me to proceed.

thank you,

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I’ve reviewed the contents of the PDF file. It looks great to me.

+1 to release the eBook

I’ll admit i’ve been kinda confused by these PDFs before. They didn’t seem like books. Just like a small poster or something but I only just realized there’s a bunch of embedded links on each page to more info.

I have no objections to releasing the ebook

Thank you @halkeye and @MarkEWaite. Have a wonderful July 4th weekend.