Jenkins FOSDEM booth


Over the past years, I handled the FOSDEM organization but I would be interested to see someone else stepping up before we miss the coming deadlines. That being said I am fine to be a secondary contact if needed.

This year, FOSDEM will be the first onsite FOSDEM since pre-pandemic, and I think it would be awesome to see the Jenkins community over there.

So I am re-posting here, the FOSDEM communication about booth call for proposal


Back after two virtual editions, FOSDEM 2023 will take place at the ULB on the 4th and 5th of February 2023. As has become traditional, we offer free and open source projects a stand to display their work “in real life” to the audience. You can share information, demo software, interact with your users and developers, give away goodies, sell merchandise or accept donations. All is possible!

We offer you:

* One table (180x80cm) with a set of chairs and a power socket.
* Fast wireless internet access.
* A spot on

You can choose if you want the spot for the entire conference, or simply for one day. Joint submissions (sharing a table) will be favoured in the process.

Submit your application at [](! Deadline closes the 15th of November; accepted stands will be announced the 1st of December.

The FOSDEM Stands Team

PS: I still have booth material :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much! I’ve added FOSDEM 2023 to the Jenkins events calendar and included several local people on the Jenkins calendar event, in addition to @alyssat and me.

I’m sure that we’ll want a Jenkins table at FOSDEM. The submission deadline for table proposals of Nov 15, 2022 looks feasible.


Thank you Olivier.
I will be submitting table proposal for Jenkins.


FOSDEM’s location is almost around the corner for me. I’m looking forward to step by, if we get to have a booth.

I’d be up for possible booth-work related actions :eyes:

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Congratulations everyone, looks like Jenkins is in!

hope to meet you in person this year!


Well done everyone :partying_face:

We can’t wait to be there :hugs:


Will there be a contributor summit at FOSDEM?

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Hello @StefanSpieker and welcome to this forum :wave:

I’m not entirely sure that the decision has been made.

Let’s see what others will say about that.

Hi @StefanSpieker - I hope send out more info on this later this week.


@StefanSpieker - we’ve decided to skip the contributor summit this year as we are short handed in resources. However pls feel free to join those staffing the Jenkins stand. There’s also oppty for BoF discussions at the event. The planning doc has been initiated HERE, pls fee free to add your input .

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Is the list of stickers finalized? Some pride stickers would be nice to have :eyes:

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Would very much appreciate suggestions…pls feel free to add to the doc.
I’ll add this to the gdoc. Thank you for the suggestion. Great suggestion btw. Pls keep 'em coming


I will be there, along with @smerle33 @hlemeur @poddingue and @Jmm


I’ll be there too \o/


Looking forward to meet you “in real life” Alexander.

/- Jmm