FOSDEM Stand 2024 - Stand volunteers - sign up sheet


Those attending FOSDEM '24 and are planning to help us staff the Jenkins stand - pls sign up in this gdoc:, see the table on page 1.
Contributor summit info and all the details regarding the Jenkins stand planning is in this gdoc.

Can’t wait to see everyone in person!


The doc is private btw

I just requested access, since I’m also interested in volunteering. I have some questions though, namely: what times do volunteers need to be present, and what are their responsibilities?

Apologies…pls try again. It should be public now

Ok, looking at the doc, it seems that there 6-7 people staffing the stand for the entire weekend. Are any other volunteers needed? I’m happy to attend but don’t want to have “too many cooks in the kitchen”. :slightly_smiling_face: