Jenkins build error

I’m new to Jenkins, and I keep running into the following problem during builds.

Did not find QualitygateLogs 18|GEM Vulnerability Report| 2023-02-01_17-24-33 [ERROR]GEMs Vulnerability report not found. 19|RLM Integration| 2023-02-01_17-24-33 [ERROR:]Detected errors in BUILD_WF or Quality Gate failed or HardGate Failure. Skipping DEPLOY_WF 20|Post Build Processing|

Your very vague question is hard to give any response to without context.

Jenkins out of the box doesn’t do any quality gates, you need to have some sort of plugin or 3rd party integration to do so. Which means its probably something todo with the configuration of your job, which is where i would look at first. Without any information about what type of job, or what languages your job is using, we also can’t provide any hints in that direction.

Honestly if this was a bug tracker, i’d close this with needs more info.