Jenkins ALM Configuration issue

I have installed Jenkins 2.440.2 on RHEL 8.8. Jenkins agent is windows
I have added HP ALM using and trying to execute test set using plugin.
But getting error jenkins code and error both attached below

Jenkins pipeline code :-
runFromAlmBuilder almApiKey: ‘’, almClientID: ‘’, almCredentialsScope: ‘JOB’, almDomain: ‘‘, almPassword: ‘', almProject: '’, almRunHost: ‘...’, almRunMode: ‘RUN_REMOTE’, almServerName: ‘ST_HP_ALM_Server’, almTestSets: ‘’’* ‘’’, almTimeout: ‘1000000’, almUserName: ‘****’, areParametersEnabled: false, filterTestsModel: [blockedCheckbox: false, failedCheckbox: false, noRunCheckbox: false, notCompletedCheckbox: false, passedCheckbox: false, testName: ‘’], isSSOEnabled: false, specifyParametersModel: [parameterJson: ‘’]

Starting test set execution
Test set name: ***, Test set id: 1234
Class not registered (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040154 (REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG))
Error: Could not create scheduler, please verify ALM client installation on run machine by downloading and in installing the add-in form:

Please confirm how can i execute HP ALM test set on RHEL maching decause plugin is genrate HpToolLauncer.exe to execute test sets on machine.

Since HP ALM is a commercial product, it seems most likely that the question is better asked of the company that sells and supports that commercial product. Users in the Jenkins community may also be able to help, but the provider of the commercial products seems more likely to provide that help.

That seems to suggest that the HP ALM client installation on the agent is not available or is not configured as expected by the plugin.

The file name HpToolLauncher.exe seems like a file name for a Windows program, but RHEL is a Linux computer. I think that you’ll need to check with the tool provider to see if they support Linux computers.