Is there a way to monitor when a node was renamed or was given a new ip address?

Is there a way, or plugin, that monitor or log or notice jenkins, when a node was renamed or modified? In particular, the node need a new ip address in reaction of a replacement of hardware, like a motherboard change?

Is there a internal id in Jenkins for a node? We use labels for our jobs and nodes, but we’re looking also for another way to monitor exactly that.

Maybe this is a request for a new feature for Jenkins, if there is a use by other Jenkins users.

A replacement of the motherboard should not lead to a new IP address.
Apart from that how do you connect the agents? Are those inbound agents connected via jnlp or websockets or outbound agents connecting via ssh.

For outbound agents like ssh you hopefully have enabled ssh key verification which should make the agent fail to connect if the host key changed (e.g. because another machine is now using the IP address). If the host name changes and you have a new IP the agent should not be able to connect anymore.

You can implement a ComputerListener that logs or monitors for changes. I’m not aware of any plugins doing this, maybe OpenTelemetry has something in this direction

Hi mawinter69,

we access agents via ssh and we have a monitoring system, additionally to Jenkins.
But when we have to change the name or a property of the node via the Jenkins web interface, is this traceable by Jenkins itself? I don’t mean a to restrict changes to the node, this can be reached with guest and admin permissions in Jenkins. Does Jenkins marks nodes internally with a hidden id?

There are the audit trail plugin and the jobConfigHistory plugin that might help you trace changes to agents. There is no internal hidden id for agents. The agent name is the id basically.