Is there a feature in Jenkins for giving tags to past build runs or labeling them

I shifted to Jenkins from TeamCity recently, in TeamCity, I was able to give tags or label my past build runs like marking versions and configurations on them. Do we have a similar feature in Jenkins also?


The git plugin has an intentionally disabled feature that will allow a previous build to be tagged so long as the workspace that generated the build previously is still available.

The feature is intentionally disabled because it does not push the tag anywhere, it only creates the tag in the repository on the agent workspace. The feature is intentionally disabled because it requires that the workspace must remain after a build and that requirement is often not satisfied because many Jenkins configurations have switched to use ephemeral agents that only retain their workspace for long enough to complete the build.

I think mark is being too literal with the word tag.

That plugin will let you add badges to any build you want however you want.

Never heard of this one. Seems it could be what your looking for

I’ve used this one in the past. Haven’t really worroed about it lately since all my config is not data driven and committed

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Thank you Mark for your response, but the “Badge” plugin is what I was looking for.

Thank you Halkeye, “Badge” plugin might serve the purpose.