Jenkins Build with Parameter not listing tags

Hi Team,

I have configured the Jenkins JOB - Build with Parmeter using Git parameter plugin. When i run Build with Parameter it is not listing tags that are created in bitbucket. Created tag and pushed to remote via command line / also tried creating via browser for some commit id.

Error in browser console while trying to list tag - http status 405 for the url https://host:port/job/job_name/build?delay=0sec

Jenkins Version: Jenkins 2.316
Git Parameter plugin: Git Parameter Plug-In [0.9.14]


Can you please let me know any other configuration required from Bitbucket / jenkins server?.


I recommend looking at your Jenkins server log to get a stacktrace or more details. We can’t really guess to your problem without more info

Jenkins system log not having much information, Can you please let me know any log to be recorded to investigate more?.

After restart the jenkins, it is listing,

But it is listing from develop branch instead of master branch.
Can you suggest how to filter the list tag to be form only the tags available in master branch?.