Is there a compatibility matrix for support-core

Is there a compatibility matrix for support-core plugin ? Wonder what support-core version is supported for Jenkins version 2.332.2

It has minimal dependencies and works when I use it. Do you have a particular issue with it?

thanks, was trying to figure out what is the minimal dependencies. I mean what version of support-core is supported on Jenkins 2.332.2. I don’t have support-core plugin currently installed. Planning to do an upgrade for jenkins all the way to latest 2.426.2.

The commit history of the support core plugin shows 2.332.1 required as minimum Jenkins version in this commit.

That commit is included in releases 1140.vb_b_3b_7d866b_a_8 to 1366.v9d076592655d

The plugin ran with Jenkins 2.332.2 in releases before those, but that range of releases certainly should run with 2.332.2.

excellent thanks @MarkEWaite

when checking via the UI it showed up a warning for 1366.v9d076592655d:

Support CoreVersion1366.v9d076592655d

Warning: This plugin is built for Jenkins 2.361.4 or newer. Jenkins will refuse to load this plugin if installed.

Hence I was bit worried and wanted to find a compatible version.

My analysis was wrong. The range of versions that I reported was all the releases that include that commit. 1366.x includes that commit and a later commit that updated the minimum Jenkins version to 2.361.4… 1237.vdd0b_ed646870 looks like the most recent version of the plugin that requires 2.332.1 as minimum Jenkins version.

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jenkins IO has dependency information for the latest release Support Core

The required Jenkins version is listed and you can click on the Dependencies tab to see what other plugins this plugin relies upon.

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Thanks @MarkEWaite. I installed 1237.vdd0b_ed646870 and it worked fine.