IP address blocked

I seem to have been blocked from the jenkins.io website. I use Jenkins every day professionally but set up my own for practice about eight months ago. Was fine. Now the whole site is blocked to me (am using my phone hotspot to send this). I noticed because all updates failed and reinstalling faliled

Can I send my IP address to someone confidentially? I don’t really want to plaster it here. I suspect I am on some so of blocklist but none I have been able to find and the reason is not obvious to me. If I am on a blocklist that you use I would like to know so I can see about why it has happened.

The Jenkins project does not block IP addresses generally. The Jenkins web sites (like www.jenkins.io and plugins.jenkins.io and updates.jenkins.io) do not block IP addresses. Mirror providers sometimes block IP addresses. In those cases, the mirror provider usually blocks because they’ve detected misbehavior from that IP address or the IP address range.

You can see which mirrors are selected for you by opening a mirrorlist URL from your computer. Your web browser will follow the redirects to show you which mirrors are used from your location.

You mentioned the jenkins.io web site and said that you needed to use a phone hotspot to post to community.jenkins.io. The community.jenkins.io site is donated by Discourse and is hosted by them. The updates.jenkins.io site is maintained by the Jenkins infra team without a content delivery network. The www.jenkins.io site is maintained by the Jenkins infra team and is hosted on a content delivery network.

If you’re blocked from viewing the community.jenkins.io site and blocked from downloading updates from updates.jenkins.io then I would speculate that the block is on your side of the internet connection. You’re being blocked from sites that are maintained by different organizations. They don’t share IP address lists or any other technique that could be used to block you.