Introducing the Jenkins SAML SSO plugin - Simplifying Authentication for Jenkins Users

Hello Jenkins Community,
Aren’t you tired of managing multiple sets of login credentials for your Jenkins instances?
I’ve got good news for you! Introducing the Jenkins SAML SSO plugin, a powerful tool that simplifies authentication for Jenkins users.

With the Jenkins SAML SSO plugin, you can easily configure Single Sign-On (SSO) for your Jenkins instances using popular identity providers such as Okta, OneLogin, and many more. This means that your users will only need to log in once to access all of their Jenkins instances, reducing the risk of password fatigue and increasing security.

Our plugin supports integration with the SAML protocol, making it easy to integrate with existing identity management systems. Additionally, the plugin also provides you with advanced user management features like:
User Group Mapping and Auto-creation👥:
The app allows administrators to map their IDP groups to Jenkins roles. Control of Authorization is at the IDP. The user groups are updated on each login. The app will also auto-create users not present in Jenkins after SSO
Customized Attribute Mapping📍:
Receive any customized user profile attributes from your Identity Provider to keep user data consistent across your applications
Emergency Backdoor URL Login :sos::
Administrators can use the Backdoor Login URL to log in to their Jenkins account via basic authentication in case of SSO failure. This ensures that you never lose access to your Jenkins admin account
Flexibility of having basic authentication along with SSO :pencil2::
You can choose to provide your users with the option to log in via Single Sign On or through local credentials

The Jenkins SAML SSO plugin is easy to install and configure and comes with comprehensive documentation and support. Give it a shot and see how it can streamline your Jenkins authentication process.

Get the Jenkins SSO plugin now from the marketplace link in the first paragraph!

We’re excited to see how the Jenkins SSO plugin can benefit your organization and we look forward to your feedback. If you have any questions or need assistance with the plugin, please contact us at