Infrastructure Team Meeting - Dec 11, 2021

  • no video, sorry we messed up the recording -


Damien Duportal (@dduportal ), Hervé Le Meur (@hlemeur ), Stephane Merle (@smerle), Mark Waite (@MarkEWaite ), Tim Jacomb (@timja )

Official minutes on GitHub.


  • Weekly release 2.329 unexpectedly triggered

  • Weekly package failed on Windows step:

    • Need to “merge” the 2 windows containers into a single one @dduportal to secure tomorrow’s release
      • Latest kubernetes plugin is not enough to allow multi-container on Windows
        • @dduportal plans to work that issue today
        • Discuss with security team before applying the change
        • Check the differences between weekly and LTS branches
      • Remove the branching for the release repository and the packaging repository
        • Switch to a file per release line in a single branch of the repository
  • Issues for INFRA are now in GitHub thanks to @lemeurherve

    • Previously:
      • Was in Jira’s project INFRA
      • Followed the same idea as what @timja drove for the HOSTING project
      • Jira is slow, user hostile, not automatable easily, and slows/block our ability to track and share progress in a written + async manner
    • :warning: New repo: GitHub - jenkins-infra/helpdesk: Open here your Infrastructure related issues for the Jenkins project
    • Jira issues from INFRA projects imported
      • Component/tags migrated with labels (from existing jira labels & components)
    • Repository Pinned on the GitHub organization jenkins-infra
    • Work in progress:
      • Update infra docs ( + repo + organization description)
      • Comment all jira issues in INFRA to add a link to their github counterpart
      • Update Jira issue wizard to add a link to the infra helpdesk for infra-related tasks
      • Announce the change on the different channels
    • Next:
  • AliBaba for mirror

    • No response to Mark Waite’s question about physical location of the server
    • Mark Waite’s monitoring shows no issue with that mirror
      • Last failures detected briefly 9 Jan 2022, 5 Jan 2022, 4 Jan 2022
      • Recovered without intervention from us