I'm having trouble with jenkins, public over FTP plugin

I am having a very simple problem. I am sending files to my target server via jenkins using Public over FTP plugin and I want to automate this work. But my problem is that when sending all the files the files are missing. I can’t understand why the files are missing. I am using the following statement on the pipeline.

		stage('Publish') {
            steps {
              ftpPublisher alwaysPublishFromMaster: false, continueOnError: false, failOnError: false, paramPublish: [parameterName:""], masterNodeName: '', publishers: [[configName: 'test', transfers: [[asciiMode: false, cleanRemote: false, excludes: '', flatten: false, makeEmptyDirs: true, noDefaultExcludes: false, patternSeparator: '[, ]+', remoteDirectory: '/public_html', remoteDirectorySDF: false, removePrefix: '', sourceFiles: '**/*']], usePromotionTimestamp: false, useWorkspaceInPromotion: false, verbose: false]]

Hello @koraykutanoglu and welcome to this community :wave:
Would you have any logs to share?