I'd like to access my Jenkins address outside of my LAN. How can I set that up?

Hello, I’ve never setup a server before but I’d like to make my jenkins URL public. Is this possible without registering a domain name and just using my public ip address?

yea, you can totally put an ip there

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It is a good idea to provide an SSL certificate for that site so that sensitive information is not transmitted unencrypted over the public internet. Let’s Encrypt provides SSL certificates for free. Use an SSL certificate to secure the communication between that location and users on the public internet.


for https though you need hostname not ip, so you’d need something like duckdns or something to give you a hostname.

In general hostname is easier to change what IP it points to, if a user bookmarks IP, your out of luck if you need to change things.

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I ended up using ngrok, to forward a random public url to my localhost:8080, this pretty much worked right away. Here’s a link to how to set this up.

Thanks very much.

That looks like a similar technique to the technique Darin Pope used to forward a webhook.

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Very similar, plus it’s easy to get setup for a beginner like myself.

For future reference, I just learned about https://networkchimp.fun/tutorials/portzilla-location.html which seems like a cool solution too.