I want to customize jenkins build number.... i want jenkis build number in timestamp+currentbuildnumber format

I am able to chnage display name of jenkins buuld number but backend on jenkins server the build number is not gettign change in required format,please suggest me a solution for t

Why you want the backend to change the build number format?
You can’t do that.

@mawinter69 Its our project requirement, we want to store build in a proper way with date and time…is their any hook and crook method please let me know

Rohit Goyal

Internally Jenkins organizes everything in folders. And for each build a folder is created who’s name is the build number. You can’t change this.
You should also not use Jenkins to permanently store results. If you want to do this you should use an external system to which you upload your artifacts where you can choose whatever way you want to organize the results.

@mawinter69 is their any other method where we can manage in Jenkins storage itself

Not sure what you actually want to achieve with this. You can’t change the internal storage of Jenkins. What you can do is write your own plugin that implements ArtifactManager (Jenkins core 2.399 API) that stores archived artifacts (not build logs) somewhere else in Jenkins where you organize things differently. If done in the proper way you can still browse the artifacts from Jenkins.