I am unable to install Jenkins in my course VM?

sudo systemctl enable jenkins

jenkins.service is not a native service, redirecting to /sbin/chkconfig.

Executing /sbin/chkconfig jenkins on…
While installing cli shows successfully installed jenkins but when i run enable command it show me error and also i cant apen jenkins from my browser

hi @hamzanasir443, welcome to jenkins community.

You’ll have to give us a bit of information to go on. What OS are you using, based on systemctl i’m assuming linux based. How did you install things. Did someone provide you with a VM or did you install it based on instructions?

What is “enable command” is that systemctl enable? enable doesn’t start anything, that just says next startup start the service. systemd - What is the difference between "systemctl start" and "systemctl enable"? - Ask Ubuntu

so if thats the case, you need to actually start it.

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