How to unblock webhooks from Gogs on my TrueNAS server?

Both my Jenkins and Gogs are running on separate jails and everything is happy.
However, I just cannot get my webhook setup in Gogs to work, and Gogs never receives a response from Jenkins? Jenkins log has nothing too.

Is there a whitelist in Jenkins somewhere that requires Gogs IP address?


I feel like its some sort of networking/routing issue between jails? does gogs have any sort of webhook log like github does?

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I thought that however running the following http post command in the jail’s shell (Gogs) receives a response:

curl -H “Content-Type: application/json” -X POST -d ‘{“user”:“bob”,
“pass”:“123”}’ “

Response received: {“result”:“ERROR”,“message”:“Only push event can be accepted.”}

Maybe Gogs is blocking this?

Thats the gogs plugin saying it doesn’t handle events that are not push. So seems like jenkins is allowing the request though. You could use something like requestbin to save the request and then replay it via curl to see whats going on.

You can also increase jenkins logging in the manage section - Viewing logs - though you’d have to find the full class or package name of what you want to log (I think you can do * though)