Github integration with SMEE client: Jenkins doesn't like Webhook Override Hook URL

First time here, apologies if this is posted in the wrong place.

We’re running Jenkins behind a firewall to public using a SMEE client to provide the necessary proxy. However in our Jenkins [version 2.361.4-jdk11] configuration page, the Github plugin flatly refuses to save the Override Webhook URL (where blah is our SMEE channel), instead, when Apply is pressed, it says (in orange):

“It doesn’t look like is talking to Jenkins. Are you running your own app?”

We can see that, the moment Apply is pressed on the Jenkins configuration page, the SMEE server receives an event, with payload of the form:


…and, at the same time, the journald log output from the SMEE client (which is running on the same machine as Jenkins, each in their own Docker containers) shows that it has successfully posted back to the correct [the default] port:

POST - 200 being the address of the machine where the SMEE client and Jenkins are running. So connectivity from Jenkins to SMEE server, SMEE server to SMEE client and SMEE client to Jenkins all seem to be working.

What can be upsetting the Github plugin and/or Jenkins? Is there some more detailed logging we can get from Jenkins, or the plugin, to determine what is upsetting it (the Jenkins journald log output says nothing more interesting than INFO h.p.b.g. GlobalTimeOutConfiguration#configure: global timeout has been cleared at about this time)?

In case it matters the SMEE client was run with:

docker run --name smee-client --restart=on-failure --detach --log-driver=journald deltaprojects/smee-client -u -t

…and the Jenkins Docker installation was built/run according to the Jenkins instructions.

Rob (ubxlib)

And the answer is… the GUI of the Jenkins Github plugin is broken, it never saves what you type into the Override Hook URL box. It has been broken since September 2020, see Jira JENKINS-60738.

The workaround is to manually edit the Jenkins github-plugin-configuration.xml configuration file to add a field of this form:


…[this example for my case, using SMEE] inside <github-plugin-configuration>, at the same level as <configs> and <hookSecretConfigs>, then restart Jenkins.

Ho hum.

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Hello and welcome to this community @ubxlib :wave:

Thanks a lot for your feedback. :pray:
You found the workaround in the Jira issue I guess?
If you ever feel like you could contribute to a fix for this issue, don’t hesitate to open a Pull Request there: GitHub - jenkinsci/github-plugin: Jenkins GitHub plugin .

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Thanks: I’m afraid I’m an embedded C guy, get nosebleeds up in a Java/JSON/objects/stringy/pointerless world. Would have though there were Github plugin peeps using Jenkins from behind a firewall (which needs this Override Hook field to work) but maybe the Github plugin peeps have moved on; nature of OSS I guess.

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I don’t think so, last release was 26 days ago.

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