How to stop using Jenkins as Windows Service?

I recently started using Jenkins as a service, via the option in the Manage Jenkins settings. I did this so that I would not have to restart Jenkins manually whenever the computer rebooted. Unfortunately, however, when run as a service, Jenkins is incompatible with running automated light builds in Unreal.

How can I undo the “Jenkins as Service” and go back to running Jenkins manually from the command line? I can ‘stop’ the service in the Windows services manager. But it just starts up again when the computer reboots…


You’ll need to stop the Jenkins service that was registered and then delete the Jenkins service from the Windows Service Control Manager snap-in Servies.msc. If that’s an agent service, that already is likely to be enough to allow you to start the agent as a process from the desktop.

If the automated light builds were running on the Jenkins controller, then you should use this as an opportunity to create an agent connected to the controller, then run your builds on the agent. Running builds on the Jenkins controller is a risk. Reduce the risk by running builds on an agent instead of running them on the controller.

ok thanks - How do you delete a service from Services.msc? I don’t see any option to do that.

Also I’m pretty new to Jenkins, not sure what all that means about the controller and agent. What is the risk? Risk of hacking? I just run Jenkins and have a job which performs the various tasks we need it to do, given parameters…

For precision, stop the service from services.msc, then configure the service from services.msc to never start. Then you don’t need to worry about deleting the service.

Google for “Delete a Windows service” suggests sc.exe delete | Microsoft Docs using the sc.exe command with the delete argument.

See the article on for a deeper explanation why there is an administrative monitor that warns users to run jobs on the agent instead of running them on the controller.