How to send report to the person who did the commit in SVN through Jenkins

In my project, we have requirement like, after testing reports will be generated. That reports need to be send to particular person who did the SVN commit though Jenkins email trigger.

I spent lot of hours to resolve this, could anyone suggest me how to do this?

Thanks in advance!

Hello, what did you try? What did happen? Sharing a sample of your work would help people stirring you in the right direction.

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I will share the script below which am trying out
def filePath = “C:\Users\MuraliR\Desktop\jenkins_test\DevOps_branch\Reports”
def usernameVariable = “USERNAME”
def passwordVariable = “PASSWORD”
agent any
USERNAME = credentials(‘SVN_user’)
PASSWORD = credentials(‘SVN_pass’)
booleanParam( name: ‘SVN_Commit’, defaultValue: false, description: ‘Please Check the box to commit the reports to SVN repo’)
string(name: ‘Commit_Message’, defaultValue: ‘Committing reports’, description: ‘Enter commit message’)
checkout([$class: ‘SubversionSCM’,
additionalCredentials: ,
excludedCommitMessages: ‘’,
excludedRegions: ‘’,
excludedRevprop: ‘’,
excludedUsers: ‘’,
filterChangelog: false,
ignoreDirPropChanges: false,
includedRegions: ‘’,
locations: [[cancelProcessOnExternalsFail: true,
credentialsId: ‘SVN_CREDS’,
depthOption: ‘infinity’,
ignoreExternalsOption: true,
local: ‘.’,
remote: ‘’]],
quietOperation: true,
workspaceUpdater: [$class: ‘UpdateUpdater’]])
when {
expression { params.SVN_Commit == true }
script {
// Check if the files exist in the specified file path
if (fileExists(“${filePath}”)) {
// Add the files to SVN
bat “svn add ${filePath} --force”
// Commit the files to SVN
bat “svn commit --username ${USERNAME} --password ${PASSWORD} -m ‘${params.Commit_Message}’ ${filePath}”
} else {
echo “Files do not exist in the specified file path. Commit skipped.”

this script is executing successfully but after svn commit stage file is not checkin to the SVN from jenkins workspace.