How to reuse free style jobs in pipeline?

I made several free style jobs, each of them have a specific common usage, so they can be reused with different parameter settings, like
1.A git pull job, it will pull code from GIT_URL to LOCAL_FOLDER within a docker container
2.A python installer job, check and install PYTHON_VERSION of python to another docker container
3.A build job, activate a conda env associated with PYTHON_VERSION, invoke pyinstalller to build PROJECT

Now, I want to set a pipeline to connect those jobs, and to config the parameters of them. So, if there are 3 different projects, I can build pipelines for each of them only to decide how to connect basic free style jobs and set parameters rather than copying/pasting the scripts to combine a new pipeline.

Dose current pipeline job support to reuse free style jobs? If not, why nobody want to do this, I am new to CI/CD and searched google with nothing found about “jenkins job reuse”. Any advise is appreciated.

Pipeline jobs can launch other jobs, including freestyle jobs. Open the Pipeline syntax snippet generator (at /pipeline-syntax) and select “build” from the drop down menu. That will prompt you to select the job that you want to build from your Pipeline and how you want that build to proceed.

Thanks for your reply, I will try it! :blush: