How to remove "warnings" of Manage Jenkins Console

Hi community, hope are fine.

I have been install Kubernetes Credentials Provider plugin but after 2 weeks, i view 16165 warnings becasue my Openshift Token was expired…
When i try to disable this alerts (Manage Jenkins > system Configuration > Manage monitor button) i view 16165 buttons and i cant disable one to one…
do u known some solution to remove/delete/erase this warnings??
could u helpme pleaseeeee =(



does restarting Jenkins erase the warnings? If not you could look in which xml those warnings are persisted, stop jenkins, cleanup the xml and restart.
Or you use the script console to clean them, but I don’t know what exactly one needs to do as I don’t use kubernetes.

thanks friend, i was searching in the xmls but not found some string that contain “kubernetes” =S