Missing Credentials Menu

Hello. I need to configure a new credentials on our Jenkins server. All the documentation I can find implies that I should be able to see a Credentials dropdown in my nav, but it isn’t there. I have admin rights, the latest credentials plugin created. Another developer (now unavailable) created creds when he set this server up. Anyone know how that nav item might get hidden or list?

Thanks in advance.

What version of jenkins are you using? I believe it got moved to just be on the /manage/ page these days, or you can goto /credentials/ directly. There’s a project to update all the screenshots being worked on right now. But if you know specifically where you saw the bad flow I’m sure it can be prioritized.

Jenkins 2.319.1

I did have a screen shot of the spot where I expected to see it. I’ve checked the credentials page where it has the big list. Nothing there either.
Jenkins Nav

I can’t highlight screenshots in this computer

I’m running a weekly so my UI is slightly different, but should be on the side bar, manage jenkins, then section section, manage credentials.

Like i said, you can goto $JENKINS_URL/credentials/ and get the page directly though. If you can’t access that, then you don’t have access.

Cool. I can get there. I have a long list of existing credentials. There’s no obvious way to create a new one though. No “new” button or menu. How are you doing it?

Huh, yea, weird. I’ve done credentials via yaml (configuration as code) so havn’t looked in a while.

At the bottom of the page, there’s scopes. I have kubernetes secrets plugin installed, so i have two, but typically only one is listed.


clicking on the first one goes to /credentials/store/system/domain/_/ where there is an add link.

Hallelujah! I didn’t find that before. I’m on my way. Huge thanks for the diligent assistance!