How to prevent agents from inheriting environment variables from controller?

Is there a way to prevent agents from inheriting the environment variables that are defined on the controller?
We’d like to keep the execution environment pretty clean for our ephemeral agents and there’s a lot of values pushed in from the controller that we would like to filter out.

I don’t think this is possible. You can override variables and add to variables, but I don’t think you can say don’t use any variables.

Also, which env variables? Which plugin for ephemeral agents?

Disregard, user error.

We’re using the Amazon ECS plugin to run both our controller and agents on AWS ECS with Fargate.

Our deployment process sets a number of environment variables on the task definitions for both, and it appears we forgot to remove some variables on the agent task definitions so I incorrectly thought they were coming from the controller.

I did a test where I explicitly set an environment variable on the controller task definition and can see it in the system information but it does not propagate to the agent.