How to permanently disable the FINGERPRINT feature in Jenkins?

Every time when the Jenkins server is restarted, all the pipelines stop working giving the same error:

java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: remove

To solve this, I run the following command on the Jenkins console:


But for some reason, every time the server restarts it gets lost and I need to keep running this same command every time. How can I fix this permanently?

Looks like there’s a system property

-Dcom.cloudbees.plugins.credentials.CredentialsProvider.fingerprintEnabled=false i think?

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Thank you! This answer give me an ideia. I put this script inside startup-properties.groovy and it works !

This article helps me: Jenkins Use Case: Jenkins Startup Script to set the System Properties | by Shashi Bhushan | The DevOps Ship | Medium