How to integrate git repository with jenkins?

Hi All,

I am new to jenkins, I am trying to integrate jenkins with git server hosted in separate Virtual Machine while connecting jenkins with git server the below error comes.

“Permission denied (publickey,password)” means the credentials your trying to access with don’t have access to the server.

I would recommend that the git server knows about the public key for tamilarasan account you used in the credentials dropdown. And confirm your using the right ssh port (as in you might be talking to system ssh, not git ssh, depending on how you setup your git server).

Port number and key also mentioned but still not connecting

I’m not sure how you want us to help. My guess is its a VM networking issue, assuming the VM is on the same machine.

I would recommend making sure you can connect properly from the command line on the VM running jenkins
I would also recommend looking at the logs of the ssh daemon on the git server