How to integrate Assembla with Jenkins?

How to integrate Assembla with Jenkins.
I want to make sure that I add the JenkinsFile right into my project branch which is on Assembla and any changes in the branches automatically the jenkins starts to make the build.

@MarkEWaite @Jmm Can anyone of you please suggest necessary steps to achieve integration of Assembla with Jenkins, so that it fetch my repository and look for the new commits and then build the pipeline.

Hello Prem,

Could you guide me a little so that I can give you useful hints? What is Assembla? Do you have a link to an synthetic information page?

/- Jmm

Assembla is an Attlasian product for SCM like GitHub. They also have git repositories.
I want to use Assemla git repo link to integrate it with my Jenkins so that I can seamlessly build the pipeline as soon as there is a commit.
By when I am trying to link it with my Jenkins then it is not able to connect it with my jenkins and giving me following error

Ahh. I learned something new :wink: Is it an evolution of Bitbucket or a complete new product.

From your screenshot’s error message, it appears that the remote server host key is not known or incorrect.
When Jenkins tries to establish the ssh connection, it can’t verify that it established a connection with the actual server. In doubt, it fails the connection.

This article git client - SSH host key verification should help you further.

Old Captain’s wisdom:
Useful hints are generally revealed by (very) carefully reading the error messages. Additional tip: consult the logfiles for extended error messages.

/- Jmm

Sorry for the late reply thanks for the help and support I was not able to look into it last week and now I will check and let you know if that is helping me or not. Thanks a lot again!