How to get Changes to show commits/work items from Azure DevOps repo/board

I’ve been tasked with generating release notes from one of our old jobs in Jenkins. The job is pulling from a Git repository in Azure DevOps. We’d like to have commits and, if possible, related work items (when linked).
I’m pretty new to Jenkins, so I’m not sure what questions to ask or what information to provide.

Right now, the Jenkins job shows nothing in the Changes section. It looks like 5 years ago, some jobs were able to populate this area, but the experts from that era are gone, and we weren’t using Azure DevOps at the time. I have no errors being reported, so I have no breadcrumb trail to follow - I need to figure out what is missing now that wasn’t missing 5 years ago.

We have three Git extensions (Git, Git client, and Git Parameter Plug-in). The pipelines push to Octopus Deploy, so hopefully the Changes, once acquired, can be forwarded to it without much additional work, but that would be bonus.

Any thoughts? Questions?