How to get a list of all nodes in a Jenkins system?


how can I get a list of all nodes in a Jenkins system on the command line ?
I would like to use this, to e.g. run a command (e.g. using ssh) on each of the hosts.
(So I would like to the a host name, I can use for ssh etc.)

So far U had been using "……xpath=*/computer/displayName”, but I learned from

that this isn’t the correct approach. (It gets me the display name, instead of the machine name - and I had always to trick for the master/built-in)

I checked the ssh interface to Jenkins as well as jenkinsCLI.jar, but couldn’t find something matching.
Also a Web search didn’t find something.
If there a list of these “…/api/xml” interfaces to Jenkins ?



how about Computer (Jenkins core 2.323 API) via script console?