Nodes label restriction to list

Hello everyone,

Is there any way (plugin, admin configuration …) that we could restrict a node labels to a specific list ?
For example, on a node configuration board we’d like to have something like that:
Labels: OS_Windows OS_Linux TOOL_VC++ TOOL_Python

Where list should be limited and user should only had to tick in list - instead of entering (wrong/unsupported) values ?

Thx for advice

Hello all, has someone any clue on the subject ?

I mean I don’t have an answer. Your options are

  1. use search on
  2. use one of the plugins that lets you script parameters (if your labels don’t change you can do it raw pipelines)
  3. write your own plugin.

Without more details about what you’ve tried and what isn’t working we can’t be a lot of help. It seems a static list of parameters would solve your problem though. So it seems pretty straight forward.