How to enforce retention period of builds in Jenkins at the global level

What is the best way to globally enforce a retention of jenkins build history across all Jenkins jobs.

90 percent of our Jenkins job DONOT have log rotation build discarder while 10 percent has. Our Jenkins controller consistently hitting full capacity. We need to have 90days retention for all builds except users want it extended.

How can we achieve this?

Go to manage Jenkins → Configure
Look for “Global Build Discarders” and add a “Specific Build Discarder” where you configure the global settings.

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Thanks for the swift feedback. This will be enforced on all existing and new pipelines right?

secondly, if a user requires retention period of more than the 90days for a particular Job, if log rotation build discarder is configured for the job, which one will take effect on the pipeline? Is it the global build discarder or the build discarder configured for that particular job?

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The one I mentioned will always run but there is a plugin that does what you want.