How to discover the REST API?

As a contributor to jenkins-rest, I am interested in discovering the REST API automatically. What clues in the source code could I use to discover it?

I think I found a few, can someone please confirm, clarify or perhaps complete the list?

Thanks in advance.

It took me a while to parse what your asking. Your trying to find out what is exposed?

I believe any Action with a URL and @Exported should be able to be accessed by /api

I made some attempts to find them all programmatically with the graphql plugin - graphql-server-plugin/ at 6fffb7ecb178ae4804ce32bee91185f64c4abaa6 · jenkinsci/graphql-server-plugin · GitHub
(which I really need to come back to one day, I still think its a good idea, it was just hard to model the abstracts/interfaces)

I installed it (the graphql plugin) and I am not sure what it does actually… but it looks interesting. Do you have more information available? Has a demo been recorded?

not really. Its a proof of concept I never finished. i believe if you goto $JENKINS_URL/graphql/client you should get the web interface that will let you build graphql queries

The original idea was to make something that was extendable, and supported modern live query/caching/etc javascript tooling, so blueocean could use the new apis as currently blueocean created new apis for everything, without having anything extendable, which helped to reduce its longtermness.

Sadly graphql’s object system and java’s object system don’t map too well together, I started to have a bunch of hacks to get interfaces and parent classes workingright, but I think I just got distracted